As the climate runs amok and continues to imperil the future of our planet, we are seeing engagement take root all over the world.

Governments, cities and the construction industry are pursuing greener mandates. Architects rethink the way they build. Manufacturers reassess materials and supply chains.

The challenge is the same everywhere: recast our habits and habitats from the ground up, in keeping with the global sustainability targets of 2030 and 2050.

And yet, for all the interest in cleaner energy sources and net-zero carbon communities, the march towards brighter days remains cautious, uneven, if not stubbornly sluggish.

We need to step up the momentum, sharpen the message, keep the conversation flowing. Report, inform, advise: that is, in essence, what we must do to move sustainability forward.

Ecogradia is a platform devoted to sustainable architecture and urbanism. Launched in November 2022, our podcast was a Webby honoree in the ‘Sustainability & Environment’ category last year and a Webby nominee this year.

On these pages and in our episodes, you’ll find inspiring stories from thinkers and makers who are shaping a regenerative future. You’ll learn about innovation and solutions from experts and practitioners on the sustainability frontlines.

Our mission is to champion all the good that is being built; enable and fast-track initiatives, big and small.

Our hope is to empower everyone, everywhere, to create a more resilient, hospitable and equitable home for all species, one blueprint at a time.

We believe that ideas have the power to change minds and trigger action. And as we inch towards our goals, we are emboldened to do more. This is the snowball effect that we need to change the world.

Our global community is curious and committed, ready to be inspired and to act. If you’re on board, welcome to Ecogradia. You’re in good company.

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Nirmal Kishnani
Host and editor-in-chief

For over two decades, Dr Nirmal Kishnani has been at the front lines of the sustainability challenge. He has helped shape the conversation in Singapore, one of the world’s greenest cities, and regionally, in parts of Asia. Nirmal has sat on multiple panels and committees and collaborated with local and international organisations such as the United Nations Environment Programme, Building and Construction Authority (Singapore), Vietnam Ministry of Environment and the Vietnam Green Building Council. Between 2008 and 2021, he was editor-in-chief of an Asia-based Green design magazine (2008-2021), where he transformed a little-known publication into a reputable source of Green views, projects and technologies. He has been advisor and consultant on ground-breaking projects, such as the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (Singapore), and SDE4, the net zero energy building at the National University of Singapore. His book, “Greening Asia: Emerging Principles for Sustainable Architecture” (2012) was the first to critique the Green building movement in the region. His 2019 book, “Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia”, advocates the repair and regeneration of human-made and natural systems. Today, Nirmal is a highly regarded strategist, author and educator. He is based in Singapore where he teaches sustainable design at a leading university.

Maxime Flores
Founder, producer and creative director

Born and bred in Québec, Maxime started his career as a copywriter and producer of radio scripts before joining the Montréal International Jazz Festival press team. Upon completing his graphic design degree, he bid farewell to the Canadian winter and moved to Singapore. There, he quickly found work as a creative director, developing corporate identities and materials for government agencies and regional clients. Since meeting Nirmal Kishnani twenty-odd years ago, he has become a best mate and close collaborator. He has designed several of his books, including the latest, “Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia.” Ecogradia is the next stage of this ‘regenerative’ journey: a perfect fit for the seemingly disparate skills he gained along the way and his long-held enthusiasm for architecture and all things sustainable.

Sana Gupta
Communications executive

Sana is a communications strategist and writer based in India. With a bachelor’s in architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (India), she worked as an architect for two years before taking the leap into communications. Propelled by her love for impactful storytelling and simplifying jargon, Sana has since worked with several organisations across the fields of design, architecture and urbanism, helping them craft effective messages for digital and print platforms. When not at work, Sana can be found listening to music, brewing her next cup of coffee or going down a YouTube rabbit hole.

Ecogradia collaborates with Phlogiston, a creative brand consultancy that transforms organisations into purpose-driven brands. With a focus on storytelling, they create impactful communication in the pursuit of restoration within people, their work and the environment.

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Alexander Melck
Brand advisor

Alexander has worked as a documentary filmmaker for over a decade. Driven by his love for film, people and nature, he founded Phlogiston as a way to help others integrate their work, impact and purpose so that they can live more meaningful lives. Together with the clients of Phlogiston, he strives to create a world that is more beautiful, just and equitable.

Sheldon Kumm
Web developer

Sheldon, being a problem solver at heart, has embraced developing over a hundred websites within his career. With his strong conviction of “there is always a way”, he leads his development with optimism and enthusiasm as he is driven by his desire to leave anything he touches better than how it was found. Sheldon serves as the lead developer for Phlogiston.

Kelvin Brown
Sound technician and editor

Kelvin has recorded and produced numerous studio, concerts and radio productions for close to a decade. As the dedicated sound technician for Phlogiston, he also has vast experience in sound recording for video production purposes. Whatever the challenge, Kelvin ensures that the quality of an entire production is elevated due to his attention to detail.

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